A strategic review from Goodlabs can typically be undertaken in 3-5 days. A multi-dimensional diagnostic report will be generated identifying areas of competency with recommendations around development potential. The review process can be augmented with development workshops for the staff and board, plus ongoing coaching for senior executives if required. 

Matt undertook a strategic review for Be One Percent to inform our future growth ambitions. We found him to be a quick thinker and clear communicator who drew on a depth of practical experience from many years in the sector. The strategy workshop day he facilitated for our board was highly engaging and yielded fresh and significant insights into potential future directions. I have no hesitation in recommending Matt to other organisations.
— Matt Johnson, co-founder, Be One Percent



They say that ‘hindsight is a wonderful thing’, yet as we all know hindsight never arrives until it’s too late. Organisations that are serious about continuously improving the way that they create value can’t wait for hindsight, they need to get their hands on insight – fast. By spending time engaging with key stakeholders in your charity or social enterprise Goodlabs will identify and report back the strategic insights you need to inform future decision-making.     


An innovation is only ever as good as the quality of the insight it is built upon. Using insights gained through the initial consulting period Goodlabs will work closely with your team to innovate services for greater impact. Creative problem-solving tools and techniques are utilized to facilitate a journey of change. Existing assumptions are challenged, latent potential is released and fresh motivation is generated. 


There is so much more to impact than simply figuring out how to measure it. The new energy within the non-profit sector is now very much around impact management. The shift is subtle but profound. If all charities and social enterprises learn to do is to measure impact that suggests that control over the process of creating social value has not yet been mastered. Yes, Goodlabs will work with you to develop systems that measure impact, but we want to offer more than that. Ultimately we want to see your key people grow in the competencies they need to maximize value year after year.  

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