At Goodlabs we're not interested in Greenwashing or CSR vanity projects. Our mission is to help businesses that are serious about focusing their community contribution in a way that really makes a difference.

After several years of developing our CSR work we felt we needed some external help on how we might move forward. Fortunately, we were introduced to Matt and engaged him to review our existing activities and to report on how we might develop our work. His sector knowledge, the depth of his analysis and thought and his overall report were really quite exceptional. It has been of immeasurable benefit to us and I am hugely grateful to him for a remarkable piece of work.
— Hugh Welch, Senior Partner, Muckle LLP



A strategic review from Goodlabs will help you to identify the ways that your corporate purpose can be expressed in ways that generate measurable social value. Our unique seven-dimensional diagnostic toolkit ensures that every aspect of your CSR work in properly considered. By engaging with your company's key internal and external stakeholders Goodlabs surfaces the strategic insights you need to inform future decision-making.      


An innovation is only ever as good as the quality of the insight it is built upon. Using insights gained through the initial consulting period Goodlabs will lead your team on a journey of innovation, so that your involvement in community returns a greater social impact. Collaborative problem-solving tools and techniques are utilized to facilitate this process of change. Existing assumptions are challenged, latent potential is released and fresh motivation is generated. 


Companies involved in public sector procurement are becoming familiar with social value as a concept but face challenges making it tangible. Similarly businesses with a CSR agenda need to evidence the positive impact made by their investment of time and money. Goodlabs will help you to develop internal systems of impact management bespoke to your own corporate culture and values. We can offer the support you need to grow in the competencies you need to maximize social value in the communities you operate in.  

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