Mine or Ours? Reigniting our mission by reimagining our relationship with money.

In September 2018 Matt Wilson commenced a theological research project looking into Money and our relationship to it as Christian Communities. The research has been kindly supported by the William Leech Research Fund. The final publication is available via the link below:

Mine or Ours? (final research publication)

The work considers the Covenant Economy of the Old Testament and its transition to the Economy of Grace embodied in the New Testament church. It attends to important themes such as money and mammon, as well as practical ways in which church communities can enhance financial discipleship, particularly through new innovations in giving such as Giving Circles and the wider Collective Giving movement. Rooted in the North East context the work is intended to support the development of an economically engaged Christian faith within the region.

The final publication was launched on June 2019 to Christian leaders from around the North East (leaders in churches, charities and other sectors) at a special event during which the themes raised were discussed and their implications and applications considered. Keynote speakers were Dr Tony Campolo and Shane Claiborne and a video recording of the event is available below.

Introduction to the topic and speakers by Esther Swaffield-Bray.

Main seminar by Matt Wilson

Response by Shane Claiborne

Response by Tony Campolo

Dr Tony Campolo.  World-renowned author & speaker

Dr Tony Campolo.
World-renowned author & speaker

Shane Claiborne Acclaimed activist & campaigner

Shane Claiborne
Acclaimed activist & campaigner

The links give access to the main report plus a range of associated material:

Mine or Ours? (final research publication)

The M-Word (short introduction)

Common Funds for the Common Good (blog article)

Red Letter Economics (blog article)

Autonomy vs Community (a ‘grand tour’ through biblical economics, with Walter Brueggemann)

Seminar slideshow (from Money & Mission event on 20/06)