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Our original Lab format is simply known as the Good Lab.

The Good Lab is designed to help your organisation to think, innovate and make informed decisions about how you can ‘do good better’. It is structured around our three-step journey through Insight, Innovation and Impact.

One of the most dynamic aspects of the Good Lab is an emphasis on cross-pollination between organisations. The perfect Good Lab will bring together teams of four people from four different organisations. The Lab takes place under the ‘Chatham House Rule’ i.e. what is said in the room stays in the room.

In an atmosphere of mutual respect the Good Lab leverages the diverse perspectives present to challenge assumptions, generate options and point to solutions. At the end of the Good Lab each participant team will leave with a skeleton action plan showing the next steps required in order to overcome barriers to future growth and impact. 


Strategy Lab

A Strategy Lab precedes the writing of a new 3-5 year organisational strategic plan. The Lab will surface and filter the issues most critical to future success and sustainability. Strategy Labs are typically attended by representatives of the Board and SMT.


Learning Lab

A Learning Lab is used to accelerate the sharing and development of vital knowledge and skill around a particular topic of importance to the organisation. Learning Labs are typically attended by a cross-section of staff who have or require knowledge and/or skill in a key area. 


Impact (Theory of Change) Lab

An Impact Lab is for organisations and teams that want to get to grips with the key principles and practices of Impact Management. In the course of the day we design a Theory of Change, clarifying our activities and our outcomes, and imagining what an organisational Kii (Key impact indicator) dashboard might look like.


Stakeholder Lab

A Stakeholder Lab is a means through which to engage broader participation in the generation of insight and/or innovation. Stakeholders may include non-exec directors and trustees, customers, clients or members of the local community more widely. Larger and more pro-active than the traditional ‘focus group’ the emphasis is on co-production and the commitment to tangible actions as a result.


Innovation Lab

An Innovation Lab is the most ‘blue sky’ of all our Lab formats. The emphasis is on pushing the imagination beyond its existing boundaries in order to generate ideas for entirely new services and ways of operating. Innovation Labs function best when teams bring high enthusiasm, great chemistry and a can-do attitude.

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