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Goodlabs offers a full range of Impact Management Services: 

Supporting your Impact Strategy...


Goodlabs is able to support your organisation’s strategic development using a unique diagnostic process that will generate insight into the ways your organisation is making an impact. Goodlabs will spend a short period of time (generally 2-3 days) inside your organisation in order identify your strengths, highlight development areas and orient you to future success.


How do you know that your services and programmes are delivering what they're designed to? Are funders raising their expectations of your evidence-generation? Goodlabs can evaluate programmes during and post-delivery in order to establish the impact that has taken place. We can conduct interviews, surveys and workshops, and also examine and report on data already gathered, to produce robust reports of the highest standard. 

Supporting your Impact Culture...



As our name suggests the design and facilitation of 'Labs' is a at the heart of the Goodlabs approach. Labs are focused away-days through which key stakeholders such as staff, SMT, board members and even clients and community can engage with organisational challenges. Using innovative tools and techniques we can explore issues and develop solutions. 



Goodlabs can help you to clarify your Inputs, Outputs and Impacts, in a way that doesn't blind you with science. Goodlabs has connections with the leading software providers in the field of impact measurement and can help to design systems that make your qualitative and quantitative data more transparent. 

Supporting your impact message...



In the age of social media large audiences can now be reached on surprisingly small budgets. Goodlabs is able to deploy its in-house video capability to convey your impact message for maximum online engagement. Let us help you bring your organisation's inspiring stories to life like never before.



We have particular expertise in writing engaging content for your next Impact Report. Let us help you to tell the story behind your data, with engaging case studies and arresting infographics. Our aim is to amplify the good you’re doing so that the right audiences pay attention and engage.


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